Snobbish and Fake Wannabes

skull and bones
“I despise fake people, and even more, I despise fake snobbish people.” – Bryan “Richard” “WASP 101” Holloway.

“There’s another old saying Senator. Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.” – Fletcher, in Outlaw Josie Wales.

When the news first broke that Rep Bryan Holloway was outed as “Richard” the author of the WASP 101 preppy fashion blog I didn’t have much of a problem with it. I thought it displayed a streak of humanity notably absent from some of his Republican colleagues. I told a Democratic House member that he should embrace it. What annoyed me was his denial. That denial prompted me to find further evidence of what was already obvious. His subsequent evasion in the face of overwhelming evidence has been a burr under my saddle, but one that I largely ignored in the face of the more serious and outrageous actions of the Republican majority in the North Carolina General Assembly, helped along by Holloway’s votes.

In recent weeks I’ve had an inordinate number of conversations with people about Holloway and his assistant Isabel Villa-Garcia, many not by choice, and most off the record. Continue reading