$32K missing from Marcus Brandon campaign report

$31,818.36 is missing from the federal election campaign finance filings of the Marcus Brandon for Congress committee. A Pre-Primary report filed 4/24/14 showed a cash-on-hand ending balance of $31,818.36. The subsequent July Quarterly report filed 7/16/2014 showed a zero cash-on-hand beginning balance when it should have shown the $31,818.36 carried over. One $1,000.00 contribution on 5/2/2014 was reported. No expenditures were reported. The report showed a cash-on-hand ending balance of $1,000.00. An October Quarterly report due 10/15/2014 was not filed. While Cecil Antonio Brockman is still listed as the Treasurer, the July Quarterly report filed 7/16/2014 that showed zero cash-on-hand was electronically signed uncharacteristically as “Antonio Cecil Brockman”.

Democrat Brandon is no stranger to campaign finance irregularities. His state campaign committee paid $10,924.06 in penalties this year of which $5,000 was paid out of his federal campaign account. Brandon is currently in a 3 way election for Mayor of High Point. Guilford County campaign finance records show much of his contributions coming from out of state, some also being contributors to his congressional campaign. The biggest contribution to the mayoral campaign was $5,000 from John Kirtley an advocate of using public money for vouchers for private schools. Kirtley is a substantial contributor to State political campaigns and committees. A Guilford County Pre-Election report shows that Brockman has been paid nominal salary amounts from Brandon’s mayoral campaign committee. Brockman is running unopposed for Brandon’s vacated House District 60 seat.

The Federal Elections Commission (FEC) does not accept informal notice of campaign violations. Irregularities are either flagged by FEC staff in systematic reviews, or by notification to the FEC in formal sworn complaints.


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