Response to Voter Integrity Project post

On July 15th, 2014, primary run-off election day in Wake County, I wrote a post “Voter Integrity Project wanted masked people, cameras at NC polling place” based on information presented at a Wake County Board of Elections meeting on the evening of July 14th and public discussion by staff and board members of the events of that day related to this issue. They were precipitated by a voicemail message left early morning July 14th by Jay DeLancy, Executive Director of the Voter Integrity Project, for Cherie Poucher, Executive Director of the Wake County Board of Elections. I personally witnessed the meeting and elements of the discussion were confirmed in conversation with the Executive Director immediately after the meeting.

On September 13th, some two months later, I received a letter by certified mail from Denise Stetter regarding the post, presented as a “Notice to Cease and Desist”, disputing the account. Stetter, then Chief Judge of Precinct 01-42, was not present at the July 14th meeting and was not a witness to the discussion or presentation of information. The meeting discussion took place between Stetter’s superiors as a public official, Cherie Poucher and Deputy Director Gary Sims, Board Chair David Robinson, and Board Members Brian Ratledge and Mark Ezzell. Stetter’s role as Communications Director for the Voter Integrity Project under Jay DeLancy was also a subject of discussion at this public meeting.

Assuming Stetter’s recent new statements to be factual, I made visible changes to the original post reflecting new information provided by Stetter.

In the interest of transparency, below may be found a copy of Stetter’s “Notice to Cease and Desist”, a copy of my “Flynn Responses to Stetter” including a “Notice to Preserve Electronic Evidence”, an audio copy of DeLancy’s voicemail message to Poucher, played at the meeting, obtained by public records request, and a copy of a written transcript of DeLancy’s voicemail message. A “Notice to Preserve Electronic Evidence” was also sent to DeLancy by email and certified mail.

In the voicemail message Mr DeLancy can be heard to say “I just broached it with her [Stetter] – – but I wanted to talk to you [Poucher] also, just to see what you thought”. This statement was included in the public discussion at the July 14th meeting. It was not originated by this author. After this statement in DeLancy’s voice mail he used the word “we” several times in describing the request. In a WRAL report on July 15th Mr DeLancy is quoted as saying: “Nobody in my organization knows about this request beyond Denise (Stetter) and myself; so unless I read about it on some left-wing blog site, this matter is closed.”

I too had presumed the matter closed. As new information is provided or becomes available I am happy to review it.



Update 10/7/2014: Stetter responds in comments below.


2 thoughts on “Response to Voter Integrity Project post

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  2. Well Greg, as usual, you don’t have the whole picture. DeLancy did mislead Poucher about having my permission for him to film at the precinct where I am chief judge. He admitted doing so in writing that same day, July 14. Here is an excerpt from that email to David Robinson et all:

    I need to clarify a few things after reading your email.

    First, Denise Stetter had no idea this was coming her way. She was on vacation when I thought of this request and the first time she heard about it was this morning when Gary Simms called her.
    Second, if Cheri Poucher hasn’t destroyed the voice mail message I originally sent her on this matter you can all confirm that nobody intended to take any “quite illegal” actions…which is why I asked the question in the first place. I don’t remember my specific wording, but do recall referencing the statute twice….

    Also, when DeLancy states “Nobody in my organization knows about this request beyond Denise (Stetter) and myself; so unless I read about it on some left-wing blog site, this matter is closed.” he was referring to the fact that I knew about this whole stupid mess ONLY AFTER he had issued the request to film and created this whole mess.

    Bottom line is that you, and perhaps others, were so eager to smear and distort in order to hurt the Voter Integrity Project, you didn’t stop to get the whole story. Or could it be that only parts of this story were relayed to you by the Wake County Board of Elections? In either case, I now have malicious lies out here on the web and have been forced to take steps to protect my professional reputation so as not to be adversely effected as I continue my job search.

    I don’t expect you or your kind to give a damn about that but I do wonder as I write this, whether you will have the courage to post my reply here along with all your other posts that you clearly hope will damage me further. We’ll see.

    Denise Stetter
    Still a Wake County Chief Judge

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