Moffitt and Murry contributions connected to “Biggest Gambling Ring Bust in SC”

NC House members Tim Moffit and Tom Murry received campaign contributions from two South Carolina men who have since been indicted on charges of illegal gambling and money laundering totalling $386 million.

The campaign committee of Tom Murry, NC House District 41, received a $2,000 check from J Michael Caldwell of South Carolina, listed as “President” of a company simply stated as “Gateway”, on 1/29/2013, one day before the North Carolina State House reconvened (after a 1/9/2013 organizational session). On the same day, 1/29/2013, the campaign committee of Tim Moffitt, NC House District 116, received a $2,000 check from Bobby Mosley of South Carolina, listed only as “Principal” with no employer notation. Caldwell is Mosley’s son-in-law and together they ran a gambling enterprise spanning multiple corporate entities and over 600 internet cafes in multiple states.

On 8/14/2013 an indictment was entered in federal court in South Carolina naming J Michael Caldwell, Bobby Mosley, Sr., Gateway Systems, LLC, Gateway Gaming, LLC, Frontier Software Systems, LLC and Frontier Gaming, Inc, as defendants on one count of conducting an illegal gambling business and one count of money laundering related to the alleged illegal gambling. It has been described as “the biggest gambling ring bust in South Carolina history.”
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Response to Voter Integrity Project post

On July 15th, 2014, primary run-off election day in Wake County, I wrote a post “Voter Integrity Project wanted masked people, cameras at NC polling place” based on information presented at a Wake County Board of Elections meeting on the evening of July 14th and public discussion by staff and board members of the events of that day related to this issue. They were precipitated by a voicemail message left early morning July 14th by Jay DeLancy, Executive Director of the Voter Integrity Project, for Cherie Poucher, Executive Director of the Wake County Board of Elections. I personally witnessed the meeting and elements of the discussion were confirmed in conversation with the Executive Director immediately after the meeting.

On September 13th, some two months later, I received a letter by certified mail from Denise Stetter regarding the post, presented as a “Notice to Cease and Desist”, disputing the account. Stetter, then Chief Judge of Precinct 01-42, was not present at the July 14th meeting and was not a witness to the discussion or presentation of information. The meeting discussion took place between Stetter’s superiors as a public official, Cherie Poucher and Deputy Director Gary Sims, Board Chair David Robinson, and Board Members Brian Ratledge and Mark Ezzell. Stetter’s role as Communications Director for the Voter Integrity Project under Jay DeLancy was also a subject of discussion at this public meeting.

Assuming Stetter’s recent new statements to be factual, I made visible changes to the original post reflecting new information provided by Stetter.
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