Son of Voter ID Senator Rucho Arrested for Fake ID

Senator Bob Rucho is one of the most strident advocates of strict voter ID laws in NC requiring photo ID for proof of identity, in his words, “providing integrity and honesty in the system”. Last month according to court and police records his namesake son, Robert Rucho II, was charged with using a fake ID to purchase alcohol, underage consumption of alcohol, and larceny of a bottle of liquor from a Chapel Hill restaurant.

According to a Chapel Hill Police report the incident happened in the early hours of April 17th at the “Old Chicago” restaurant/bar on Franklin St. A bottle of Triple Sec valued at $12 was stolen and recovered. According to the arrest report all three charges are listed as misdemeanors. Robert Rucho II was released after being charged and cited. A court date is scheduled for June 10th in Orange County.

In a letter to the Raleigh News & Observer last year Senator Rucho wrote:

“There is a reason over 70 percent of North Carolinians support the reasonable law requiring voters to show photo ID. Because if even just one fraudulent vote is cast, it will cancel out the vote of a law-abiding citizen.”

The crown atop Senator Rucho’s considerable ego bears two large jewels from the last legislative session – loosening fracking restrictions, and tightening voting restrictions. On more than one occasion Rucho has referred to one or other of his sons anecdotally when supporting voting restrictions. On this occasion this son has anecdotally demonstrated that possession of an apparently valid ID does not necessarily validate identity.


One thought on “Son of Voter ID Senator Rucho Arrested for Fake ID

  1. “Voting restirctions”? What are you afraid of Flynn, liberal Democrats can’t stuff the ballot box by voters simply having to show an ID.

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