Snobbish and Fake Wannabes

skull and bones
“I despise fake people, and even more, I despise fake snobbish people.” – Bryan “Richard” “WASP 101” Holloway.

“There’s another old saying Senator. Don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining.” – Fletcher, in Outlaw Josie Wales.

When the news first broke that Rep Bryan Holloway was outed as “Richard” the author of the WASP 101 preppy fashion blog I didn’t have much of a problem with it. I thought it displayed a streak of humanity notably absent from some of his Republican colleagues. I told a Democratic House member that he should embrace it. What annoyed me was his denial. That denial prompted me to find further evidence of what was already obvious. His subsequent evasion in the face of overwhelming evidence has been a burr under my saddle, but one that I largely ignored in the face of the more serious and outrageous actions of the Republican majority in the North Carolina General Assembly, helped along by Holloway’s votes.

In recent weeks I’ve had an inordinate number of conversations with people about Holloway and his assistant Isabel Villa-Garcia, many not by choice, and most off the record. On one hand I’ve been implored to nail him on ethical lapses while on the other hand I’ve been implored to cut him some slack. He has Democratic admirers. Mostly, people are peeved by, amused at or indifferent to his personal actions, especially given the wholesale (or should I say, Variety Wholesale) attacks on the rights and lives of ordinary North Carolinians by Holloway’s Republican Party, a more serious concern. One such person was a mutual acquaintance that I have since learned is the man in the green jacket, next to Bryan “Richard” Holloway.

I’ll repeat what I said to the man in the green jacket about Holloway: “Don’t look me in the eye and lie about something that is patently obvious”. I realized that this touches on a theme during this legislative session at the NC General Assembly, the pervasive doublespeak that looks you in the eye and lies about the patently obvious. People are hurting in North Carolina and dilettantes like Holloway are enabling and voting for the hurt, while feigning concern.

Voter rights are being “protected” by being amputated. Abortions are being made “safer” by being virtually eliminated. The unemployed are being “helped” by losing benefits. Public education is being “reformed” by gutting for private school vouchers. The list goes on.

By all accounts Holloway is a nice guy with few, if any, vices other than a liking for particular kinds of clothing – and writing about them. Supposedly he works behind the scenes to temper some of the right-wing damage but loyally votes the party line in public. The damage to his political career has been self-inflicted. I’m told he’s a lame duck in his District who will be lucky make it through the next primary, and that he’s been sidelined by his House caucus since the WASP 101 outing. I believe he could have avoided some of this damage by admitting the patently obvious in the first place. Call him a victim of doublespeak – his own, and his party’s.

Since the patently obviously has apparently not been obvious enough, more comparative examples of photographs from the WASP 101 blog are presented, downloadable as a PDF or viewable below.

For those new to the story, Isabel Villa-Garcia is Holloway’s legislative assistant and active participant in the WASP 101 blog as “Kipp” to Holloway’s “Richard”.

Don’t You Just Hate Snobbish and Fake Wannabes – by Richard 2012-07-29, WASP 101
“I despise fake people, and even more, I despise fake snobbish people. Years ago, I knew this witch of a girl that could pretend to fit in with preppy/in crowd very well. However, she was a queen you know what, and did she ever irritate me. She would be hateful just because she could, and she would say some of the most fake and stupid things”



3 thoughts on “Snobbish and Fake Wannabes

  1. Greg Flynn, I wish I had enough money to put this on a full page in every newspaper in my beloved North Carolina. Thank You. Thank You!

  2. Agree with most of your observations here. A little candor would have saved Holloway, or at least saved his face. Check out my comment at Ivy Style.

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