The Little Man in the Brooks Brothers Suit

If there was an award for petulance in the NC House there would be many contenders. The top place might likely be shared by Stephen LaRoque and Justin Burr, and not simply on account of their contempt for the trials of low-wealth citizens. LaRoque is on a crusade to redefine the NAACP as racist. Burr for example, has been contemptuous of the Racial Justice Act, and of opposition to various election law “reforms”. Burr reached a peak of pique when he ran roughshod over Verla Insko in a committee considering the abortion bill.

Burr’s juvenile physique has been tempered this session by the maintenance of a close haircut that is oddly suggestive of an outbreak of lice in the boys’ dormitory. Burr grandiosely thinks he needs to educate Judge Howard Manning and Governor Bev Perdue on the need for low-income parents to pay 10% of that paltry income towards constitutionally required Pre-K education.

Burr’s sartorial needs don’t have to be met by his own income however. Apparently working under the supposition that “the suit makes the man” Burr’s latest campaign finance report shows an expenditure of $857.42 to Brooks Brothers in Raleigh for “Suits/ Jackets required for Session.”

Perhaps Burr should set aside 10% of his own income for suits. They are apparently more precious to him than Pre-K education. In fairness Burr might need those suits to “educate” Larry Kissell when he runs against him in the 8th Congressional District as intimated recently. Larry’s not one for spending big on clothes, and that might be his Achilles heel. Otherwise, Larry is a teacher who doesn’t need schooling.

Burr’s diligence in recording vanity expenses – $400.00 for picture frames, $390.39 for office lamp and rugs, $1,799.78 for office furniture, is not quite matched by compliance in recording contributions. In recent years Burr has improperly reported 66 contributions in the names of couples, while election laws require reporting by individual.

So, despite a last minute push by Stephen LaRoque to close the gap, the year’s NC House Petulance Award goes to Rep Justin Burr. The prize is a complaint filed last week with the State Board of Elections:

Mr Gary Bartlett, Executive Director
State Board of Elections

Justin Burr For NC House, the campaign committee of Justin Burr
Donor disclosure anomalies

Mr Bartlett,

I am a registered voter in Wake County. I have reviewed campaign finance reports of the Justin Burr For NC House committee. I wish to file notice that the committee appears to be in violation of G.S. 163–278.11. “Contents of treasurer’s statement of receipts and expenditures”, in particular section (a)(1) Contributions.

Since the committee was returned to active status in December 2007 there appear to be 66 contributions totaling $15,225.00 that have been reported incorrectly. These contributions, listed below, were each improperly reported in the name of two individuals while only one address, occupation and employer field has been reported for each contribution, if any.

I ask that you examine the anomalies which obscure the origins of these funds, and if left uncorrected, take steps leading to forfeiture of improperly reported contributions.


Greg Flynn

As those entries are being revised and resubmitted to the State Board of Elections I hope the mind is drawn back to the insolence shown towards Rep Verla Insko, Alice Borsden and others this session.

7 thoughts on “The Little Man in the Brooks Brothers Suit

  1. Justin is a 26 year old college flunk out with a history of bad decisions and even worse politics.

    I would like for someone, please anyone in Stanly County, to do some research and find out exactly who bailed the murderers Betty Nuemar and Jeffrey Davis out of jail. Initial reports claim Burr, but they have denied it all along.

    A politician trying to repeal the Racial Justice Act, yet lets murderers onto the street if they have money is just disgusting. And judging by his character, IQ, and lack of integrity I could almost guarantee you he’s done just that.

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